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With chambers of commerce across the country struggling to find new sources of revenue, they must begin to rethink their cost/revenue model. Many chambers will go out of business in the next 12 to 24 months, because their expenses are outpacing their traditional forms of income, including event and contract-for-services-based revenue. The chambers that will succeed in the new economy are the ones that are monetizing services provided directly to members with value-based essential membership benefits that can only be gained from the chamber.

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  • Develop and implement a networking model that requires member to member buy in commitment and tracks ROI.
  • Create a shop small campaign that manages the front end of the consumer commitment, collecting the money and then channeling it through our focused (restrictive) membership model.
  • Leveraging our regional (national) approach to bring high caliber speakers, educators and thought leaders to your members that a single chamber would not otherwise be able to afford.
  • Regionalizing local advocacy efforts to maximize your focus on the issues that matter to your town/region/industries. Leveraging regional buy in to provide a lobbyist in your state capitol.
  • Your chamber will “link” with our regional “nation-wide” network to extend your reach and access to best practices.
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  • Your chamber will be managed by professionals that are best in class, allowing you to tap into talent not otherwise afforded a small chamber.
  • Best in class services will be provided to your chamber, such as website design, editorial curating, newsletters, and more.
  • Local “Hubs” will be established that are cost free and allow for traditional chamber functions for volunteers and board members.
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  • Start up cost is zero. We ask for local members to volunteer to help get the chamber started, after that we carry all the operational expenses so long as the local community supports their chamber at a minimum membership level.
  • A truly regional approach. Many chambers lack the needed creative resources to flourish in a highly competitive environment, they simply cannot afford high caliber executives. We solve that problem by leveraging regional pool of resources to give you the best of the best, even if your only 100 members.