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We understand the importance of your growth, your sales staff, and your meetings and other functions. We understand that by being invited in to your organization, we will be standing in front of you, impacting your attendees.

Step 1: The Needs Analysis

Using our experience and in-depth question process, we conduct a “needs analysis” to find out as much as possible about your organization and the nature and detail of your meeting. We’ll want to know the exact make-up of your audience and what you would like to accomplish for it; whether you already have a theme or need help formulating one; what type of programs and speakers you’ve used in the past; what went over well and what was disappointing. We love to hear about your program needs, desires, goals, and expectations, and of course, your budget range.

Step 2: The Selection Process

After we have familiarized ourselves with your audience and its needs, we conduct an intensive study into your current membership and their desire to network and market with one another. We study other businesses within your area that are not currently involved with the chamber. Armed with a better understanding, we will develop a network and marketing referral group specifically designed for your demographics and desires. We will aid in hand picking a core group and coach them in hand selecting members. We will lead the meetings initially and create a “feeding frenzy” of businesses (both in the chamber and outside) that are eager to be included. 

Step 3: The Follow-Through

After selections have been made, we will teach on growing members’ businesses through a systematic “board meeting/luncheon” weekly. Through this process, we teach on learning your colleagues’ businesses, why they chose that field, what separates them from others, and most importantly, how we can drive business to them. We educate on the principle that networking referral groups and your local chamber of commerce are not only natural partners, but a catalyst to grow your business and lock out all competition.