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We understand the importance of your growth, your sales staff, and your sales meetings. We understand that by being invited in to your organization, we will be standing in front of you, impacting your staff.

Step 1: The Needs Analysis

Using our experience and in-depth question process, we conduct a “needs analysis” to find out as much as possible about your organization, your goals, your needs. We will want to have an understanding of your sales force, how you procure leads, how they self generate, so we can formulate a comprehensive custom plan just for your firm.

Step 2: The Motivation

This is the fun part! We come in and speak to your staff on how to be the best version of themselves and how that translates to their career. We equip them with the tools necessary to increase their production by integrating in your community and creating strategic partnerships where the clients literally come to them.

Step 3: The Follow-Through

When you hire us, we consider ourselves part of your firm. We take a deep, personal interest in the long term success and milestones you hit. We pride ourselves on return visits and continuing education and returning to your firm for motivational speaking engagements. We offer a wide range of continued education and recurring training and motivation for seasoned staff members as well as new hires.